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Friday news dump: State health chief quit because agency was "toxic place"

Have a great weekend

Orange Caligula in chains

How to risk your neck when the cops won't risk theirs

Tanking again

Who they are

This is the country they want

The louse that roared

Portland, city of tragedy

They deliver

Have a great weekend

Ryan takes hostages

This might have something to do with it

Use clean needles, kids!

One thumb up for Measure 110

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Three hots and a cot

Farewell to the Captain

Throw another $200 million on the burn pile

Would you invest $1.5 billion in Oregon?

The stopped clock

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Fin for the win

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Today's fun factoid

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Have a great weekend

They're coming for your "kicker"

Magical thinking: It's an Oregon thing

"Fully" of baloney

But but but... the Blumenauer Bridge!

Oregon, a car thief's paradise

Murder, again, at PDX

Bourbongate dudes fired

Where a moonshot is needed, a bottle rocket budget

From Matt Wuerker

Traffic cops save lives. We don't have any.

It's snowing harder than ever

NATO hasn't even arrived yet

He's right

Back on their case

Murder in the 'Couve

Make it three

Silicone blown