Murder in the 'Couve

This is the time of year when a lot of people do their income taxes and realize, "I've got to get the heck out of Oregon." Portlanders who emerge from their winter cabins only to see crime, drug addiction, garbage, and graffiti wherever they go feel that same push, even if they don't notice how bad their taxes are.

If they're unwilling to go far, Vancouver, Washington seems like it might be a nice alternative. A suburban scene, laid out for cars, way fewer obnoxious planning types to deal with. But I don't know. The wisdom has always been that if you move to the 'Couve, you have to live in the 'Couve. May the mover beware.

This past weekend's news hasn't exactly been an advertisement for peace and happiness up there. Four people were shot, one fatally, after a beef that erupted at the Safeway late Saturday night. One or more shooters followed the victims' car as it sped to the hospital, and shot it up some more. The hospital was fully locked down for a while.

That terrifying incident followed a deadly fight over some personal belongings at an apartment complex a couple of miles from there on Friday. One man was beaten to death.

Lately I've noticed more than a few rough customers driving around Portland late at night in cars with Washington plates. And so maybe the 'Couve is not the answer on crime. Although it sure is looking good on taxes.


  1. Saw the same thing several times. But, thought it was Portland thugs In stolen cars.

  2. Crime happens everywhere. The same could be said of Hillsboro. I’m not going to dig into per capita crime statistics but I’m going to guesstimate they are lower in Vancouver. One weekend doesn’t mean this is the norm.

    In Portland on the other hand the police had to pull out their guns and rush into a homeless camp next to the Shamrock Run course yesterday while the race was going on. Even a family-friendly civic event can’t take place without safety being an issue.


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