Spring has sprung in lawless Portland

With the advent of better weather, Portlanders begin the annual ritual of bracing themselves for enhanced dangers on the streets. On Saturday night, an uncontrolled street takeover befouled part of the Lloyd District. The police were called multiple times but simply refused to respond.

Their excuses? (1) They don't have enough officers, (2) By golly, those street takeovers are kinda dangerous, and (3) We're not allowed to use tear gas any more, waaaahhh!

It's a typically juvenile explanation, offered with a straight face by what has got to be one of most ineffective police forces in any major city in the country, if not the world.

KGW has the whole pitiful tale here. It includes a fair amount of complaining from a woman who foolishly purchased a condo in one of the ugly bunkers over there. She moved in near Holladay Park, which has always been a hot bed of gangster shenanigans, and apparently she is surprised at what she bought into.

It takes 18 months to put a new cop on the street in Portland these days. This means we can expect at least two more summers of lawlessness. And probably more, because in addition to the lack of personnel, the cops we do have seem to be on a quiet quitting jag for the last few years. Meanwhile, local taxes have never been more burdensome. What a crapshow.


  1. If the cops can’t handle it, can we call in the National guard? How about rolling over some of the street racer’s cars with a tank?

  2. Remember the City Council making a big deal of passing enhanced penalties for street racing last year?

    Portland where performative acts happen everyday.

    1. Unless the "enhanced penalty" includes forfeiture and auction of the car, and there are actually police willing to enforce it, then literally nobody is going to care.

      Start with scanning social media videos for cars that are involved. Next, start putting parking boots on cars used at these "takeovers" where they are found in the city, until the roll-back truck arrives to impound it until either a judge says 'no' or you auction it off.

      Do that a couple times, and the message will be heard loud and clear.

    2. That's not a bad idea and it would generate some income for all those free apartments they want to give homeless people a win win.


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