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From Matt Wuerker

Have a great weekend

We're the bad guys

All rise... and run


Why are there never any state troopers on Portland freeways?

You can't do that

Who will profit from "zero emissions delivery"?

You look like a star but you're still on the dole

Happy Lloyd Jones Day

Another week in Portland journalism

Who killed Michael Francke? People who know are still around.

Corpse abuse

Food fight in the complex

The ultimate bad penny

Post-Twitter, there's Post

The Projects

Who needs a bank account? Let's build cheap apartments!

Just cried my tears, for two taxable years

Down and out in downtown Portland

Pushing in their chips

Have a great weekend

Tooth successfully pulled

Want public money? Play by the rules.

Down on the boulevard, they take it hard

You know it's bad when...

Why does the Lottery need to borrow money?

Welcome to Portland, Shake Shack!

The forecast calls for pain

Salem gets it right, for once

Trouble at the K.O.A. Kampstore

Why Johnny moved to Canby

Keen eyes, skilled hands, and a funnybone

Portland – we put the cramp in crampons

While you were out

Tax time in Portland, Oregon

Have a great weekend

Instant karma for Cuban