He's right

Portland's Boy Wonder district attorney, Mike Schmidt, gave an interview that aired on television over the weekend. He tells us that we need to be "smarter on crime."

I am in total agreement. Next year we need to be much smarter than we were when we decided to give him a tryout as the county prosecutor. In retrospect, it was a colossally dumb idea.


  1. Maybe I’m not seeing the good side of Mike. But, he seems to be more in tune with socialism than the system in which I grew up.

  2. The Schmidt Show.....enforcing the law in the Schmidt Hole....fittingly Portland's patron saint.

  3. If he runs again, I'm having yard signs made that say:


    He's easy on us,

    So we can be tough on you.

  4. He’s the worst ever. PERIOD.

  5. Hey Jack...In the past, were you opposed to Measure 11?


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