Use clean needles, kids!

Wow, this one will curl your hair. The greasy political outfit that rammed Measure 110 through in Oregon has also written a curriculum on drug education. It's all about "harm reduction," with abstinence quite the afterthought.

And of course, the Portland public schools couldn't wait to adopt it. For middle schoolers, even. 

The Lund Report, which is doing the best reporting in the state on the drug crisis that is consuming many Oregon cities, has the alarming story here

Drug Policy Alliance developed the curriculum, known as “Safety First: Real Drug Education for Teens,” to reduce the harms of using drugs, rather than to promote abstinence using scare tactics as drug education used to do. It’s promoted as the first harm reduction-based curriculum for high schoolers in the U.S.

The curriculum teaches the effects of drugs on the body, as well as methods for safer drug use, such as “start low and go slow” when trying a new drug for the first time and not mixing substances. 

The use of Drug Policy Alliance’s lesson plan raises the question of whether it’s appropriate to teach materials created through the lens of a politically-motivated advocacy organization. Among the Drug Policy Alliance’s short list of priorities are “disempowering police in drug enforcement” and “legal regulation of all drugs.” Not on the list? Preventing or lowering rates of drug use.

Your tax dollars hard at work. A freaking outrage, is what it is.


  1. I'm starting to think this is all a nightmare. Too bad it isn't.

  2. And now magic mushrooms too....what could possibly go wrong???

  3. Please slow down your fractional suicide, folks. Thank you!

  4. 80/90 years ago, the only people that “did” drugs were misfits who didn’t do much, if anything, to advance the culture around them.

    1. Dude, -~90 years ago, people drank like a gallon of gin and beat their wives half to death & smoked 3 packs of cigs if they could afford them!
      They put cocaine in cola and 30k people/day were dying of opium in China.
      I want want you’re smoking!
      In the depression, for the survivors of it, maybe not *as* much?

      They didn’t have the synthetic fentanyl that could hit you in one shot, the oil pens for weed that could set you up for hanging out until next Thursday, smart fones & computer gambling dopamine hit to turn your brain into slurry etc I guess?

      It wasn’t really seen as a ‘problem’ I guess or even all that publicly observable or recorded or understood?

      Prohibition didn’t work, but such as it was a logical response & got rubes to pass it , at least it was acknowledging the problem?

      Acting like they’re providing opportunity or ‘doing something’ is laughable, but acknowledging that if you’re going to try stuff, there’s new stuff that can hit pretty hard I guess?

  5. The Lund Report needs to explain to readers how the Oregon Health Authority and the members of the nascent psilocybin-industrial project are getting away with making unproven claims about psilocybin's effectiveness in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health conditions. Oregon's psychiatrists came out against so-called psilocybin therapy during the campaign to legalize it. They pointed out that the FDA has not ruled that psilocybin is safe and effective as a treatment for any condition. It doesn't matter that psychedelic renegades have decided they know better than the FDA or that some studies show psilocybin is "promising" as a therapy for mental health problems. Either we have an exclusive federal drug approval system or we don't. As of today we still do. So why are the FDA and the Oregon Health Authorities looking the other way while greedy capitalists prepare to rake in the bucks by giving vulnerable individuals a substance that has not gone through the full review that is required of every other drug about which health claims are made?


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