Friday news dump: State health chief quit because agency was "toxic place"

Why am I not surprised that the former Oregon Health Authority director, Patrick Allen, had created an unbearable work environment in which beneficial change is not possible? As it turns out, that poison atmosphere, not family matters, is what caused Dr. James Schroeder (pictured) to resign shortly after taking over to replace Allen. 

Nor am I surprised that Gov. Kohoutek is firmly committed to the same old shinola.
In other text messages, he and his chief of staff reflected on the unexpected outcome. 

“It was probably a bad fit from the start,” Kahn wrote. “We both felt it.”

Schroeder replied: “Indeed … Toxic place.”...

Kahn lamented in a text, “We didn’t deserve this. We came to do good things. And nobody wanted anything to do with it. All these long-term agency folks are toxic.”
The Lund Report continues its first-rate coverage of Oregon's utter failures at health care, laying out the true skinny on Schroeder's departure, here.


  1. You nailed it Jack. Bureaucratic cultural problems don’t develop from strategy or operational objectives. They’re just about the way people behave.

  2. I have to wonder. Is there any organization in Oregon, Metro, Mult. Co., or City of Portland employment that *isn't* a toxic work environment? For those who are not bullies, grifters, or incompetents, I mean.

    1. Too many project an attitude of “don’t mess with my career”. When actually they’re just collecting a paycheck.

  3. Allen's prior gig at DCBS is still a toxic environment long after he has left.

  4. A former colleague went to work there at the height of the pandemic. They were a project manager involved in the vaccine passport program. They made it about six months before leaving for something else. So many rings to kiss, so many people trying to hold the talking stick at once. I was recruited for the gig a few times, each time I was promised more money and autonomy. I ran. We all know how the passport story turned out. I feel for the dude,


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