Fin for the win

Here's something you don't see too often. The Nielsen television rating folks are so interested in getting us to fill out their mail survey form that they enclosed what appears to be a real $5 bill to get our attention.

They say that if we fill it out and send it in, we'll get a $20 check on top of it.

I wish more direct mailers would do this. If I had five bucks for every piece of junk dropped off by the mail carrier, I'd have retired a long time ago.

It's pretty daring for this outfit to be sending cash through the mail, especially nowadays and especially in a lawless city like Portland. I hope it doesn't rile up the lowlifes who have resorted to robbing the mail. 

But hey, if you get one of these from Nielsen, don't throw it away without opening it.


  1. They sent me a buck a couple of months ago and asked that I answer the phone when they called. It never rang and the buck probably ended up in a tip jar at some bar.

  2. They’ve been doing that for decades, we got a stack of ones from Neilsen when I was in high school. Money to burn I suppose.

  3. Arbitron used to send $2 bills for radio listener surveys so that they could get people to lie about listening to NPR. Perhaps inflation has raised the going rate to a fiver?


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