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Nice view

Look out, fly


As I suspected

"Florida Man" comes to Portland

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Sacred ground

Spinner of yarns

Out of the frying pan...

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Have a great weekend

Live by the three, die by the three

Out of the picture

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The obvious solution

Let them eat s'mores

Calling out a cover-up

A drop in the bucket

Tick tock, they don't stop

Public safety alert

Where Darwin is a hands-on course

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Happy Dylan Day

Gettin' it done

What Portland retailers talk about now

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Have a great weekend

Get back, Loretta

Float on, float on

The Portland cops have a deal for you

At City Hall, nothing succeeds like failure

Get your flip-flops on, the cops are scared

Bentz bucks the Trumpies

A homeless camp in every neighborhood

From Matt Wuerker

They don't want another dose

Breaking: Portland City Hall is dysfunctional

Good lava

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Shootout at the Swan Island McDonald's

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Blow a kiss, take a bow

Oh, mercy mercy me