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Take this Court and stuff it

One-and-done is done

We're Fuku-ed

It ain't civil unrest without Portland

Blister on the heel


The forecast calls for pain

Minneapolis. Again.

The new "Portland narrative"

It's the same old song

Fortune tellers

Teddy, put the kettle on

I see the crystal visions

Have a great weekend

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Another "investigation"


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Kampgrounds of Portlandia

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The chore

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404 in the 503

Bulldogs broken by badass Bears

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How many times can the barn burn?

Weep and read it

"You need to restart"

Come on up for the rising

A bad beat

Just avoid it

No time for losers

Have a great weekend

From Matt Wuerker

Stimmy stimmy ko ko bop

Maybe the gang bangers will start playing hacky-sack

On Good Friday

Droplets be damned


The City That Just Doesn't Work

The new Apple iCage is terror-resistant

That is worth some money