How to risk your neck when the cops won't risk theirs

Here's another stage of the Portland death rattle. Now that we have essentially no police protection, City Hall's going to train us on how to intervene when we see random violence against innocent people around town. It's the "5 D" method, they say. 

I have a 5 D method that I use: Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't.

The last option is to be direct, which should be done with caution and assessment. In this course, the bystander should avoid arguing with the harasser and say something simple like “that’s inappropriate,” or “leave them alone.”

I believe that's the last thing the guy said on the MAX train before he was murdered.

And I guess we're all supposed to be ready to spray some Narcan up some stranger's nose when it looks like they're overdosing. God forgive me, but I'm not sure I'll ever get there. If it was somebody I knew, maybe, provided I learned how to do it right. But a stranger? I'd have to check with my lawyer and insurance agent.


  1. The next significant crime event in Portland will get reported after a delay to insure the appropriate political steps have been taken.

  2. Only if I'm armed to the teeth like the average cop, guns, mace, club, helmet and bullet proof vest. Since they aren't using them and we paid for them maybe they can make them available to borrow along with some training of course.


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