Murder, again, at PDX

The decline and fall of Portland seems to be accelerating this morning, with two people shot dead at the most prominent airport hotel overnight. It's the second fatal shooting incident at that hotel in less than four months.

As I said last time:

The reports on the killing are coming from the Port police. When people are getting murdered within the airport cops' jurisdiction, that's never a good sign. But hey, they're redoing the terminal again. Platinum-paving the runways. Priorities, people!


  1. I’d be really disappointed if the intelligence portion of law enforcement didn’t have hints about shady activities around PDX.

    1. I worked out there briefly during a major construction project 25 years ago. The Russian mob was DEEP into a few rackets. I can only imagine who's running what out there today.

  2. Here we are on Saturday (incident was Wednesday night) and we still don't know were they guests in a room?.....visitors inside the lobby? the parking lot? The reporting on this is almost non-existent.....except for the usual "no arrests were made and there are no suspects". To live and die in Portland in obscurity.

  3. Tevis Wheeler and Portland's BIPOC activists do not want the public knowing too much about the state of organized crime in Portland. Otherwise the public might start asking why the black community can't keep its male offspring in line. They sure do know how to play victim.


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