It's snowing harder than ever

One of the kids at the Merc, extra busy after one of his colleagues defected to a relatively real gig at OPB, has figured out what's causing the homeless problem in Portland.

Folks, just so you know, it's climate change. And not enough free apartments. 

His story is here. Go ahead, word-search the page, I dare you. The word "drugs" does not appear anywhere. 

Way to go, kid! You are editor material. 


  1. I read it a bit differently. It doesn't go into causes of homelessness, but the burden on the city when it has to establish and staff warming and cooling centers more often because of increased weather anomalies, and questions the practicality of having the tent camps function well in such situations.

    1. "Ultimately, no amount of funding for the shelters is likely to address fundamental issues that are making them an increasingly common presence: the housing crisis and climate change."

    2. Yeah, so the warming and cooling shelters are a drain on resources. The hotter in the summer and colder in the winter the more the drain. Nowhere does it claim that climate change is some root cause of homelessness.

  2. Good thing those No Trespassing signs are up.

  3. A one word change to a popular Rolling Stones ditty: Shoot Me Up!......kinda says it all.....the Homeless theme song. Everything, everywhere, all at once. Rinse and repeat 24/7, 52/365.

  4. I think the point is that there are two ways of addressing poverty and homelessness: one is to enable people to survive while remaining poor and homeless and the other is to help people out of being poor and homeless. Unfortunately, many of the bureaucracies and non-profits today thrive on enabling poverty and homelessness and as a result aren't interested in curing these problems.


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