They deliver

Over the weekend, the kids at the Weed took a brief break from promoting drug use in order to spend some time picking through court records to paint a picture, however sketchy, of the street-level drug dealers in Downtown Portland. The findings, under the new kid's byline, are here.

The men they identify are all pawns in the game. But they get their pills from "Dylan," and their guns from "El Gato," whoever they are. Let's hope for a miracle, that the cops get smart enough, motivated enough, and daring enough to take some of the bigger players down soon. Drugs are killing the whole town, and many people in it.


  1. Downtown Portland today reminds me of “The Wire”. Never thought that condition would come to Portland.

  2. Well, if it hasn't already happened, get ready for Mikey "Vassar Boy" Schmidt or some other progressive bleeding heart to urge a cessation of enforcement efforts against low-level dealers on the grounds that they disproportionately harm marginalized brown people. It worked to break the Police Bureau's specialized unit that somehow apprehended too many blacks.


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