Instant karma for Cuban

My outrage over the Dallas Mavericks' deliberately throwing away their season to improve their college draft position was apparently shared by the league. They just fined the Mavs $750,000 for tanking their recent elimination game.

Dallas might have gotten away with it, except that their dumb-as-dirt coach, Jason Kidd, actually told the truth about it at a post-game press conference.

As the critics are quick to point out, this fine, even if it isn't reversed by some higher authority somewhere, isn't going to stop tanking. But it's definitely going to stop admitting to it. Anyway, chalk one up for the principle of the thing.


  1. It angers me that some in the media will dissect the minutiae of this sports issue and publish the names of all the participants. Yet, when something that’s really scary, like the deception exposed in the dump of confidential military info, the media doesn’t do a thorough job of the who, what, where, etc


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