Another week in Portland journalism

 I witnessed the changing of the guard this morning:

Give the people what they want, I guess. Although that didn't do Tucker Carlson much good.

On a related, albeit less stoned, note, I got an email message the other day from the Pamplin Media folks. They're the ones who publish the once-great, now-less-so Portland Tribune and some other, smaller papers in the 'burbs. Most of their stuff has been behind a paywall, but as the email pointed out, they've now got a site called, where at least for the moment, most or all of the content is free. It's here.


  1. I have sampled my share of mind altering substances, and it's fine with me if people want to use pot, shrooms, or other things that don't end up in their turning into a stumbling mess living in a tent on the street. But I really don't get the over the top glorification of this stuff. It's obsessive and icky.

    1. There is kind of an adolescent celebration associated with drug use.

  2. Paywalls are a sure way to go out of business. Especially in these days where all news is slanted and mostly a pack of lies.

  3. Actually it did do Carlson some good. Millions and millions of good old fashioned dollar bills taken from the rubes that listened to him.


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