You know it's bad when...

The voter's pamphlet just arrived for the upcoming "special election" here in Portland, which includes the outrageous and ill-advised new Multnomah County capital gains tax being pushed by the local socialists (Measure 26-238). The revenue from this new tax would be used to provide free lawyers to deadbeat tenants so that they can jerk their landlords around even harder than they can now.

Now, in general, Portland politicians have never met a new tax they didn't like, but look who's among the many lining up to urge us to vote "no" on this one!

  • Earl Blumenauer
  • Carmen Rubio
  • Dan Ryan
  • Ted Wheeler
  • Tobias Read
  • Lori Stegmann
  • Lynn Peterson
  • Mary Nolan

I laugh when I see those names. How many of them are landlords? Ha! I'll bet most of them.

But goodness gracious. When even spendthrift bobbleheads like these say you're proposing a bad tax, then it's got to be beyond bad. Let's hope that the locals show up for this otherwise meaningless election and bury this atrocious new income tax. Enough is enough.


  1. They play the stock market and their donors are most definitely landlords & developer weasel speculators even if they aren’t directly…

    Idk that it’s much more of a pork handout that’s ‘worse’ than our other taxes?
    But at what point to smaller time landlords decide Portland is a bad bet if they can’t work around the laws & we actually get more condos & storage facilities where there used to be run down 1970s & earlier apartments that aren’t great, but a lot better than being homeless net outcome might be worse/higher rents & more people displaced?

    1. There's no question that they're making it less and less desirable to be a landlord. That works directly against the almighty goal of having more rental units available.

  2. Is there a process through a resolution to remove any of these tax programs? I think the tide is turning on all these "special" tax measures.

  3. Dr. Fred Schwartz, he of the SoCal based, and before your time, Christian Anti-Communist Crusade said the Commies used the "salami slice" technique: Push socialism a wee bit at a time and eventually things will be so bad the capitalists will throw in the towel and The Worker's Paradise will ensue. The avowed socialists behind this next "slice" know exactly what they're doing. By driving out most of the few remaining "mom & pop" landlords, while increasing rents as these units are either sold to owner-occupants, or corporate landlords, the only buyers left with the wisdom, leverage and heft to squeeze the last penny out of these units before selling to Greater Fools, they tip the scales that much closer to the extinction of private low-income housing and its complete socialization. Tina's latest package is another step in that direction. An admission that current legislation has made the market untenable as a provider of affordable housing.


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