Trouble at the K.O.A. Kampstore

When Deadly Deborah's Druggie Day Spa in downtown Portland suddenly closed for two weeks, everybody knew that we weren't being told the real story of why. Now some further details have come to light, here. The people working there were using drugs themselves and getting overly familiar with each other.

But two hours before county officials were slated to hold a press conference about the center’s reopening, the county sent out a statement changing that story. It wrote that a March 29 complaint had alleged contracted employees working at the center had used illicit drugs—what the county referred to as “powder”—on the premises. The complaint also alleged staffers from three contracted organizations had engaged in “inappropriate relationships” with one another.

Those contractors were DPI Security, Mental Health & Addiction Association of Oregon, and janitorial company Northwest Success.

And that's what they're admitting to now. You can imagine what more went on.

They're only letting 25 people into the place at a time now. Some sort of motion detectors are being put in the bathrooms and showers, because people were overdosing in there. The joint sure seems to be a massive flop. And for this we're trashing the surrounding neighborhood. Your tax dollars hard at work.


  1. They could assign management people to these “feel good” projects that know how to manage. But, then the people making the assignments would have to know what they were doing.
    Welcome to the cesspool pool.

  2. MultCo government is incompetent, top to bottom. Ideas are half baked at best, and no work is ever put into evaluation or implementation. I’m fairly sure their only role locally is to make the City of Portland look good by comparison.

  3. It's racist to say "White Powder". I find it really hard to believe that Hobo-Sapians don't know how to behave in a public building. Almost as if their brains are fried and unable to do anything but seek out the next stone.

  4. KOA Kampstore is like a shooting gallery at an amusement park, only far from amusing.


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