Welcome to Portland, Shake Shack!

They open across from Powell's next Monday. Already they've had a window broken. And they've got picnic tables on 10th? Good luck with that.


  1. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your windoze. I guess they didn't get the BLM sign up fast enough...

  2. BLM has a responsibility cutout in Antifa.

  3. It's probably not political. More likely just one of the crazies roaming around breaking windows every night because the voices in their head tell them to.

    1. You’re a nice guy Jack. I’m not as charitable.

    2. Probably not political or fed agitators, what would be the incentive be not to?

      And there’s no lack of crazy in the lawless lack of opportunity tighter swirl cesspool or corruption & graft, right?

      Or the more fed 2 govt. flavor/angle; we don’t explicitly do it ourselves & have to compete with other govt agencies for the $, ,but either we know about the crazy & (*cough* maybe don’t explicitly actively encourage it, buuut) and let it happen and cops (fed, state & local) & say we need more $ to prevent this, or we prevent it in some heroic story/publicly visible ribbon cutting (play it different depending on public opinion & short term news cycle?) and say we need more $ for all the latest greatest.

      Weirdly, it still goes on, but the answer is always more $ for non-profit industrial complex &/or cop (pick your brand or federal, regional to municipal flavor?) industrial complex…

  4. I’m trying to remember some the mob protection racket incentives that were used in the past.

  5. The woman who owns Pix P√Ętisserie was brutally attacked by a homeless man’s dog. He’s got a great takedown on Instagram.
    Let’s all order large cakes and support her business!


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