At City Hall, nothing succeeds like failure

The manager of the City of Portland's worst, most abusive office was paid $178,000 to resign, according to this story. City commissioner Mingus Mapps, who used to work there, confirms how bad it was.

“While I found most frontline staff had that same vision of service to the public, I also found work culture so toxic, as to forcibly hamstringing staff’s continuous efforts to support and engage the public meaningfully,” said Mapps in a statement.

“It is beyond alarming that as a City we allowed staff and the public to suffer for so long with no action taken,” he continued. “... If we desire to attract the best and brightest into our workforce, we need to ensure the physical and psychological safety of our staff to bring their best selves to work.”

But boy, I'm sure that free $178,000 taught her a lesson.


  1. From the Portland Tribune story: "By signing the agreement, Rhee ... agreed to not apply for a city job for at least three years."

    I can't wait to see her name pop up on the payroll again in three years. Maybe they'll give her that office next to Sam Adams.


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