Tick tock, they don't stop

Another night, another riot in Portland. George Floyd, land back, whatever.

About 200 of the usual suspects acted up downtown. They busted up City Hall pretty badly. And a jewelry store, some other businesses... oh, and Ruth's Chris Steak House while people were inside trying to have dinner.

They shot fireworks off, including aiming them at the police, and they threw a bunch of other stuff at the cops, too. Plus the obligatory dumpster fire.

The police did a very good job of writing down everything that happened, but they didn't do much to stop it. They arrested a grand total of five rioters. The charges are pretty much all "criminal mischief," which means that nothing will happen to these people.

While you Portlanders do your best to dodge gangster bullets, step over passed-out junkies and their garbage, and avoid being killed by some trigger-happy cop, don't forget the anarchists. End civ! They have certainly succeeded in Portland.

I'm still waiting for someone credible to step up and volunteer to take over for the dolt in the mayor's office. Until that someone appears, there is truly no hope.

And when are we going to get the new form of city government they're always promising? You couldn't fail more profoundly than the 19th Century clown car we have now.