Out of the picture

I use Blogger as the platform for this blog. Hoo boy, does that ever raise some issues. It's a Google service, and you can bet the Googlers are milking my readers' information for all that it's worth. But I learned on the old blog that running one's own server is time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Blogger is the path of least resistance, and clunky though it may be (particularly in its comments function), it basically works.

Until today, that is, when many, if not all, of us on Blogger are finding it impossible to put images in our blog posts. You don't quite appreciate how much the images do for the posts until you can't have them.

The bloggers are howling, and so I hope Google will get the problem fixed quickly. But you never know with those folks, and so fingers are crossed.

In the meantime, make up your own images for these posts. For example, on this one, I'd try to find a publicity shot from the movie "Gremlins."

UPDATE, early evening: The problem has been resolved.