Get your flip-flops on, the cops are scared

Here's a tale of what sure looks like some piss-poor work by Portland police officers. 

“We were like, ‘These guys need medical attention.’ It was obvious: These guys had not moved in forever,” Cox says. “The police were doing nothing besides just pointing their guns at the vehicle.”

Cox alleges police then asked him and Swales to approach the vehicle themselves to check on the people who were passed out. Cox says he wasn’t sure if police were being serious with that instruction, so he ran inside to grab his flip-flops.

Swales captured video of what happened next. It shows Cox approaching the vehicle with his arms raised in the air as a handful of officers appear to huddle behind three or so police vehicles several yards away. Swales then approaches the vehicle with the unconscious passengers, too.

“He’s breathing really faint,” Swales tells the officers, who are still yards away. About a minute later, the video shows, six or so officer officers approach the vehicle.

It gets worse. The police in question apparently include Brian Hunzeker, the disgraced former union president who resigned from that position after committing some sort of serious misconduct in the Jo Ann Hardesty slander case. His identity and current problems apparently played a role in the incident in question, as one of the witnesses started taunting him over them.

How Hunzeker is still working patrol while he's unfit to be union president is beyond me. And the fact that the union and the police chief are able to hide what he did behind an "investigation," two and a half months after the Hardesty incident occurred, shows you how bad things have gotten with the cops in Portland.

At least Hunzeker hasn't killed anybody. The deputies up in the 'Couve who killed Kevin Peterson Jr. are still working, like nothing ever happened, while the "investigation" of the homicide continues. They shot the man to death, apparently as he was running away from them, six and a half months ago.