A homeless camp in every neighborhood

Here's a wild story in today's Weed. The City of Portland now has its former mayor, Creepy Sam Adams, running the homelessness show, and he says his plan is to sweep downtown and move the legion of tent campers there out into new camps in the neighborhoods. And he wants to pit the downtown law firms against the neighborhoods to get that done.

Meanwhile, the Multnomah County chair, [The Latest] Kafoury, wants no part of any of it. And she's the expert. Just look around town and you can see how well she's doing.

The Wheeler recall is going to be fascinating to watch. I believe the festivities commence on July 1. If the law firms who are so frustrated with the mayor can come up with a reasonable candidate to replace him, he's gone. But as far as I can tell, nobody with a lick of sense wants the job.

In the meantime, aren't we overdue for an anarchist riot?


  1. Aw, crap. Sammy is back in the picture? Such is enough to condemn Teddy in my book. It shows a stunning disregard for good sense.

    1. Agreed.

      I think Sam and his admirers at the Weed think they're going to replace Wheeler with Adams. Adams is like a fungus that resists treatment.

  2. I myself would prefer a chicken in every pot.


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