Farewell to Scoreboard

I tried, but I'm giving up on the Oregon Lottery sports book operation, Scoreboard. The phone app for that outfit is the clunkiest I have encountered in a long time, and I have endured quite a few bad ones. After uninstalling and reinstalling every other time I want to do something on it, it's time to say goodbye.

Not to mention that it won't let you bet on college games, and has more limited proposition bets than a lot of other wagering operations. Forget it.

Gee, Oregon state government and computers, not working well. Who could have predicted that?

But for the record, I went out on a winning note. Back in January, I picked the Blazers to make the playoffs and the Warriors not to. With those two wins under my belt, I wound up down $45.17 in about 16 months on Scoreboard. Which sounds like relatively breaking even, until you consider that I bet only a dollar at a time.

Anyway, I'll always remember my Korean baseball wagers back in the early days of the pandemic, and for that experience Scoreboard was my host. But from now on, if I want to tear my hair out betting on sporting events, I'll do it on a site that isn't adding to the frustration.