A drop in the bucket

One ironclad rule of Portland politics is that there always has to be someone named Kafoury in office, preferably two of them. This family dynasty concept is part of what makes local government here so successful.

The latest Kafoury, Deborah, is the chair of the county commission. That council is always good for a nervous laugh or two, although it's not quite as funny as it used to be. Kafoury's giving the comedy tradition her best shot. She made a funny the other day, showing off a tiny-house camp that she's managed to get sited in the St. John's neighborhood in North Portland. 

Oh yes, Madame Chair, the homeless situation in Portland is going great. You're getting stuff done! It took only three years and lookee there, you've housed 19 people. At this rate, Portland's homeless crisis will be over no later than the year 2268.

At which time there will doubtlessly be another Kafoury making speeches.


  1. Would be newsworthy were the village in Kafoury's neighborhood.
    As though that would actually be considered.
    No word on what the actual "neighbors" had to say about this.
    Says here that within six months, these spiffy tiny houses will be just another urban eyesore, with plenty of empties and used needles strewn about; property crime and substance abuse will be the residents' principal activities; and local government will have moved on to other, more expensive boondoggles to bloviate over.

    1. Yep. I live a coughs throw from where Deborah grew up. I spent a fair amount of time at the home as a child as our parents were friends. I guarantee that this neighborhood (that shall go unnamed) would absolutely fight any effort to put a homeless camp in. But the same people have millions of signs up letting you know how loving they are. Hypocrites the whole lot.


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