The new look of Portland retail

In recent weeks, readers have been sending me pictures of the Apple store in downtown Portland. The place is a barricaded fortress these days, because of the anarchist rioters. The all-new iCage, some are calling it. I posted some of the photos here and here.

Now it looks as though the popular outdoor store REI, out on the western edge of the Pearl District, is getting into the same spirit. Here are the latest photos to come over my transom:

Has REI ever been hit in the riots? If so, I must have missed it. But whether they have been a past victim or not, they aren't taking any chances.

Boy, are they ever going to get a bunch of graffiti on that particle board.


  1. They will probably be painting the plywood to blend in. It's the new normal for clinging to Keep Portland Weird.


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