Absurd Headline of the Week

I had to laugh when I read it yesterday: "Nuclear waste tank at Hanford site in Washington state may be leaking." As in, "You may be breathing."

Tanks at Hanford have been leaking radioactive crap into the ground right next to the Columbia River for at least 50 years. There's no "may."

Hanford is a national disgrace. It is an environmental sacrifice zone. It will never be "cleaned up," because that's not humanly possible. We destroyed the earth in that part of the country, and poisoned people living downwind from there, so that we could have weapons of mass destruction. Such a noble cause. That's how we roll.

But as the ridiculous headline indicates, the public doesn't quite get it. It reminds me of earlier this month, when the Japanese Fukushima geniuses said, "We might have to start releasing radioactive water into the ocean." Please, nuke boy, don't urinate on my shoes and tell me it's raining.


  1. Hanford ain't the only one. My dad worked at the Rocky Flats plant near Denver; it manufactured plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons. Now he's dying of multiple myeloma. We've killed off thousands of Americans to make weapons capable of killing hundreds of millions of people. Smart species.

    1. Yes, that's another bad one. And there are other sites. The Idaho National Lab over by Craters of the Moon is toxic as hell. Savannah River, in Aiken, South Carolina. Fernald in Cincinnati. National disgraces, every one. And for what?


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