Government-funded anarchy

Just when you think you've heard everything. The Portland City Council is reportedly about to approve a $35,000 grant to a self-described anarchist educator and artist named Vo Vo. For this princely sum, Vo will educate people about... well, things they need to be educated about:

Vo Vo will hold a series of training and capacity building sessions for the public. These capacity building sessions will be trauma-informed, resilience building facilitation training, inclusive of disability justice, harm reduction and LGBTQIA+ lenses; and practice for building Transformative Justice applications and skills. Topics will include by-stander intervention and de-escalation, anti-racist trauma-informed care, communication styles and how to recognize/respond to different styles, constructive allyship, and building cultural resilience for BIPOC.

I wonder how much of Vo's "burn it down" theme will be included.

Maybe the arts tax is paying for it.

This is the worst sitcom ever.


  1. I feel like Peter Sellers as Mandrake in Dr. Strangelove. Right Jack, purity of essense.

  2. That paragraph reads like something that came out of one of those online bullshit generators.

  3. Fantastic! End Civ!


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