Could they spare it?

After months of legislative constipation, the Oregon Legislature has passed two small gun control pellets. One will make you lock up your gun in your house; the other will let local governments and schools ban you from bringing your gun onto their property.

Oh, well. I guess something is better than nothing.

The vote in the House was along party lines, wiith three Dems finking out: the guy from Otis, the guy from Monmouth, and that hideous Mark Meek from Oregon City. May they all get the major primary hassles they so richly deserve.

Meanwhile, the people who actually want to do something meaningful, like ban assault weapons and large ammo magazines, have started the arduous process of getting their common-sense proposals in front of the state's voters.

I'll say it again: Shame on the governor and the legislative "leadership" for being such failures on gun control. It's way past time for the voters to go over their heads.