You shouldn't have to

I see that the gun control group, Lift Every Voice Oregon, is starting up another drive to get signatures for statewide ballot measures to bring meaningful gun control to our state. There are two initiative measures ready to get circulating.

For example, here is what the group proposed a couple of years ago:

Adds restrictions on certain semiautomatic firearm purchases/transfers; prohibits ammunition magazines over ten rounds; exceptions

Result of “Yes” vote: “Yes” vote requires completed background check, safety training, waiting period, age 21 to purchase/transfer certain semiautomatic firearms; prohibits ammunition magazines over ten rounds; exceptions.

Result of “No” vote: “No” vote retains current law: minimum age 18 (some handgun purchases 21); background check request, safety course, waiting period not required; no magazine restrictions.

It really, really rubs me the wrong way that this is necessary.

The Democratic Party is in control of all three branches of state government. In the Senate, it's 18 to 12. In the House, it's 37 to 23. We have a Democratic governor. Everyone on the Supreme Court was put there by Democrats. What is the ever-loving problem? Why do we have to ring doorbells and stand out in the rain in front of grocery stores to get the change that the majority of Oregonians want?

Who are the Democrats in the Legislature who are standing in the way of gun control? Let's stop playing footsie with this. Let's have their names and districts. And phone numbers.

And why can't the "leadership" in the state capitol hold out carrots and twist arms to get this done? Peter Courtney, Tina Kotek, Ginny Burdick, Kate Brown – what a load of ciphers.