Giving up

In our email today:

Dear John,

We would like to extend our gratitude for your support during this year of constant change and unknowns. 

Due to Covid, we had to suspend operations for a short period of time this past year.  As a result of the protests, riots, and vandalism, we decided to move Golden Optical to a more secure location downtown.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 and the continuing vandalism in downtown Portland is not conducive to running a business.  

With heavy and sad hearts, we have decided to permanently close our Golden Optical location. Our last day of operations will be Friday, May 28th. Instead, we will focus on serving your vision needs at our sister location, Bethany Optical | 15320 NW Central Drive, Suite D-8, Portland, OR 97229 | 503-430-0386 | |

Bethany Optical is located just 15 minutes west of our downtown location. We offer the same comprehensive eye exams, frame lines and lens options as we did at Golden Optical. The services will remain the same, consistent with the same doctor, staff and products, but with free parking!

Just 2 miles east of Bethany Optical is our Cornell Eyecare and Aesthetics location.  We offer dry eye treatments and an array of skin tightening services to reduce wrinkles and cellulite with our TempSure and Flexsure radio-frequency devices.

We have loved being part of the downtown community.  We have positive hopes that the city will someday recover. 

Again, we are very grateful for all of your love and support during the past 10 years.  We look forward to helping you “find your vision” at Bethany Optical.


Dr. Chad Lawson and Caryn Lawson

The team at Golden Optical


  1. Doubly unfortunate considering how myopic the "protesters" and "activists" and elected "leaders" have been in their activities downtown. Surely, they could have used a good exam and new prescription.


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