An impressive list

How many things can the Oregon Health Authority screw up?

Getting Covid vaccines out in a timely manner?  Check.

Setting up a reservation system for Covid shots?  Check.

Setting up an electronic vaccination ID card system?  Check.

Getting grants out promptly to avoid a public health disaster when Measure 110, decriminalizing street drugs, took effect?  Check.

Making some sort of meaningful response to Oregon's raging methamphetamine crisis?  Check.

And this weekend, the list has grown:

Getting Medicaid benefits out promptly to people who need to check into a nursing home right away?  Check.

It's all being led by this guy, the all-purpose bureaucrat, brought to you by Killer Kate, who thinks everything's fine, I guess. He must have incriminating photos of some important people. Even T. Kohoutek wants his butt out the door.

If this were New Jersey and some wiseguy's mother couldn't get into a nursing home because of this kind of incompetence, I know someone who would wake up with a horse's head in his bed. And Mom would be checked in in time for lunch that day.