From Killer Kate, more kaos

The all-purpose bureaucrat who's running Oregon's Covid response is quite the character. His latest contribution to the inept rollout of Covid vaccine across the state is his warning to expect "chaos" as the first senior citizens become eligible.

“Every state that has opened to seniors has had some form of chaos on its hands and I want to be completely transparent: we are going to have some form of chaos on our hands, too,” Director Patrick Allen said Wednesday.

How profound. As if it hasn't been "chaos" all along.

They had nine months to get ready for this. They've been at it for an additional two months. And this is what they give us, a guy from the building permit bureau telling us it's going to be a mess.

Meanwhile, speaking of "completely transparent," the 27-person committee formed to administer injections of political correctness met a couple of times this week, I hear. In secret meetings! Dear Lord.

Oh well. Have a great Super (Spreader) Bowl Weekend.


  1. I can't imagine how having a mass gathering of senior citizens (probably including a number of them with mobility issues) inside the Convention Center, standing around waiting for vaccinations should be a problem. To get ready for this, I will head outside and attempt to herd the neighborhood cats.


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