Just in time to be worthless

I see Oregon has finally got an electronic Covid vaccine card up and running. It only took a year and $2½ million to get it this far.

I doubt it will work properly – it's computers and the State of Oregon, after all – but even if it does, it won't get much of a workout. The paper card has functioned fine, and will continue to do so, wherever vaccination proof is required. Which, of course, is hardly anywhere any more.

Killer Kate and Building Permit Guy (who even Tina the Terrible wants to can) are keeping their track record remarkably consistent.


  1. An old coworker was a project manager on this thing last year. They reported at the time the thing was hung up on bureaucracy and male ego. It was hopeless. I had multiple staffing agencies reach out to me about coming in and helping for $75/hr. No thank you.


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