Not even close to good enough

As of Monday, Oregon had reportedly received 131,575 doses of Covid vaccine. The shipments started arriving on December 14, which was 17 days ago. As of yesterday, a grand total of 38,696 people had been vaccinated. 

That's 29.41 percent.

And so 7 out of 10 doses on hand are still sitting around.

At the rate we are going, it will take more than two years to vaccinate all of the state's residents.

If the people with priority access don't want to step up, then for the love of God, give it to the first person who's in line. Give it to somebody.

Governor Kate Brown, I'm talking to you. Patrick Allen, state health czar, I'm talking to you. You had nine months to get this together. Come on. Cut the crap and get going.


  1. Oregon state government might not be as corrupt as other state governments, but certainly it's one of the least competent.


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