They're tryin' to rehab Barr, but I say no no no

There's a new narrative going about in the land, that Bill Barr was not really a scoundrel and a lout who trashed the Justice Department and enabled the worst atrocities of the Trump years. This version of the story emphasizes that Barr quit before January 6 insurrection. Three weeks and change before.

I ain't buying it. Barr is a bad man, and the worst attorney general we've had in my lifetime. And with Jeff Sessions preceding him, that says a lot.

Here Barr was in September of 2020, falsely saying that there was widespread fraud and coercion in vote by mail.

Let's not forget what a jerk he was regarding the Mueller investigation

Or how he let Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Rudy Giuliani off the hook, or at least tried to.

Or how he was held in contempt of Congress.

Or how he went with Orange Caligula on his atrocious church walk.

And then there's his support for the jackboot fed invasion of Portland two summers ago.

There's more, but that's enough. Far from being any sort of hero, Bill Barr was a faithful Trump flunkie, a bum who committed numerous offenses against our democracy. You have to wonder whether he should still have a license to practice law.