Barr's man on the scene

Yesterday we received the astounding and alarming news that federal stormtroopers, wearing no identification and refusing to identify themselves, are riding around downtown Portland in unmarked minivans in the middle of the night and carting off people who look like protesters, for some sort of spooky search and interrogation at the federal courthouse. This on top of them blowing a young man's face apart for no good reason over the weekend.

I am not okay with that. No American should be.

So who should be called out to answer for it? The President and the Attorney General? Don't expect those two dudes to dignify anyone's questions with an answer.

So that leaves this guy.

So far, Williams has offered nothing but a hard line against the protesters. And he's conveniently deflected the serious concerns about the federal troops' conduct in Portland back to headquarters in Washington, D.C. That's basically telling the Congressional delegation here to talk to the hand.

It's his prerogative, I guess. But most of these U.S. attorney types think their next gig is as a federal judge. If senseless shootings and anonymous midnight kidnappings continue, and if Williams lets them go on without a loud objection, he should not sit on the bench anywhere, ever.