Hang on to your hats

If it's about to get too ugly for that hideous Bill Barr, it's going to get ugly beyond your worst nightmares.

What a miserable excuse for a person, much less a public servant or an attorney. May he get what he deserves.

UPDATE, later that evening: The resignation letter is here.


  1. I thought the left would swing their affections back over to Barr after he declined to prosecute for the unmasking business. Plus, he stalled the Durham Investigation until it was too late. Who knows? Remember how the left would love Comey or hate him depending? Based on Barr's action the left should raise a statue to him.

    I see by the comments in these posts that it's time to defend myself again. I'm not a closet Trumper as Cary would suggest. By the way, I joke of course but I think of all the people on this blog he's the one who's most likely to have heard the phrase, "court-appointed psychiatrist." Just a guess but he's not above guessing things about me.

    My true mood is one of relief and exhilaration. This last few years have been a pain because I assessed what I thought was happening and rode with it. The temptation to cave into the ranting mob was great but I stuck to my honest opinion and now I'm about to walk away from this topic knowing I didn't abandon my instincts for expedience. I didn't compromise or change with the prevailing winds.

    I just hope my assessment of what is happening will more closely align with yours in the future so that we won't have to endure this again. It's tedious but I can say I was true to myself and the rest doesn't matter.

    Until then, I'm working on the next big thing to drive everyone bat-shit. As we witness the arrival of the vaccine, it's fun to look back at all the pundits in the media insisting that a vaccine would not be ready by the end of the year. No fuckin' way. In fact more than one of them specifically said it would take a miracle. That's right. They used the word miracle.

    As someone raised Catholic as I believe you were too, Jack, I know that the qualifications for being named a saint involves miracles. If you're dead it takes 2, if you're alive it takes one. Something like that. Now when I was an alter boy we literally said the Mass in Latin so it's been a while, but what we have here with this vaccine sure qualifies as a miracle and that's a claim made by Trump's enemies.

    Isn't it time we start the formal proceedings to bestow sainthood on Donald Trump? Close your eyes in prayer and reflection and repeat after me: Saint Trump, Saint Trump. Hell, they gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize and he bombed 7 different countries. Trump has performed a miracle with this vaccine and it arrived here in Portland this very day. It's time he takes his rightful place among the saints of the world.

  2. Damn it. Some of these comments have gotten to me a little lately and I swore that wouldn't happen this time around. Let me state my feelings on arguing with strangers on the internet:

    I like to laugh, it's good for the soul,
    it's great when comedians get on a roll
    it makes life more fun and that is the goal
    Life is a long march - not taking a stroll
    It will wear you down, it will take its toll
    so I don't like trading barbs with a troll.


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