Protesters retake lead in jackass contest

Just when you think the Portland police are going to win the title of City's Worst Jackasses, the Portland protesters make their move and zoom ahead in the competition. On Saturday night, it was the cops' turn to be the supreme asshats, but last night, the protesters outdid them, which is quite an achievement.

They declared it a "day of indigenous rage," which ended with a vandalism rampage around downtown. I don't know how many actual indigenous people were on hand – video wasn't allowed – but there were several dozen rioters of some ethnicity or other. The mob smashed windows at Wells Fargo, Starbucks, the Portland State University public safety office, and the Oregon Historical Society.

That last one was especially stupid. OHS does more than any other institution to shine a light on the history of the native peoples who once occupied what is now called Oregon. And to expose Oregon's racist past. But I guess they're not perfect enough for the children of our grievance culture, and so the whole glass entrance to the museum was trashed. The damage was quite extensive.

I wonder how many of the "raging" protesters have ever set foot in the place. 

Then it was time to pull down some statues. Teddy Roosevelt was spray painted and toppled, and then they moved down the Park Blocks and did the same to Abraham Lincoln.

For heaven's sake – Lincoln's out now, too? I was pretty taken aback when Washington went down, back in June, but if Lincoln can't be celebrated, I give up. Another person who wasn't perfect enough for the aggrieved. A "colonizer," he was. "Stolen land," man, you know?

Yeah, we know. So what do we do now, besides be outraged and break stuff? Overthrow the government, I guess. Sheesh.

I don't know where the police were during all the destruction. The other night, when their precinct was the apparent target, they were all over the demonstrators, making more than two dozen arrests before any property damage was done. By the time they showed up last night, there was broken glass, graffiti, and damaged sculpture all over the place. I think some people were arrested, but because the protesters didn't allow video to be shot, that information will have to await an official police statement.

Earlier in the day yesterday, a small group of right-wingers had returned downtown, some of them with assault weapons at the ready. Eventually they met up with some lefties, whom they maced, and a few objects were thrown from the roof of a parking garage. The police showed up pretty quickly and blocked the lefties so that the righties could get in their trucks and drive back to wherever.

When the lefties complained about the mace, the projectiles, and the assault weaponry, the cops told them to file a report. No arrests were made.

In sum, the day saw lots of bad behavior, but the indigenous rage rioters won the jackass ribbon, hands down.

UPDATE, that afternoon: It took all morning but the police got their official version up, here. Three people were arrested. The cops call attention to the fact that there was a guy with a gun shooting around a neighborhood in southeast at the same time. They're blaming their slow response to that incident on all the personnel they had dealing with the protests. Judging from all the damage the protesters did, you wonder what the cops downtown were doing.

The police report also shows other vandalized businesses besides those I mention in the main post. It was bad.


  1. This just shouldn't be happening. We will probably never hear a peep out of city, county and state elected officials other than "we support people's right to peacefully protest". Okay, that's all fine and dandy, but about about when they don't "peacefully protest". What do you have to say to that?

    Wheeler is at the nexus of this. He's let it get out of hand and I can't help but thinking about the line from the movie Forrest Gump, "Are you dumb, or just plain stupid?"

  2. Don't forget that Wheeler was just echoing the party line on the "peaceful protest" bit. It was a cynical position Nancy Pelosi took figuring if they side with the protesters, it would help them defeat Trump. This wasn't some noble position based on defending our rights - it was a calculated political strategy that the party ran from once they saw the numbers turning against the violence. Back then she'd talk about the statues by comparing them to her grandmother's earrings - relics from the past that she didn't wear. Pelosi said, "I'm not one of those people who's wedded to, 'Oh, a statue to somebody someplace is an important thing. If the community doesn't want the statue there, the statue shouldn't be there. I don't care that much about the statues." Asked about the law and order aspect of it she said, "People will do what they do." Meanwhile Wheeler was pandering to the party bosses and the protesters alike, running his own little anti-Trump campaign rather than taking care of Portland. That's why he's considered to be a national joke. That's why ads in other states warn, "We have to act now or we'll become another Portland." You could even argue that it was dereliction of duty with Ted. We were paying him to be Mayor of Portland. Not to be Nancy Pelosi's stooge.


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