The mysterious visitor

The identity of the person who murdered state prison chief Michael Francke in 1989 is one of the best-kept secrets in Oregon history, even better-kept than Neil Goldschmidt's years of sexually abusing a teenage girl. The state's official patsy for the murder has been exonerated, and no one in law enforcement seems the least bit interested in following up on who actually killed Francke.

Unlike the writer Phil Stanford. He won't let go, and he shouldn't.

These days he's got a Substack site going, in which he continues to explore the many unanswered questions in the unsolved murder case. His latest entry brings up the inconvenient fact that a man in a pinstripe suit was seen at the scene of the crime. He was never identified, and although the authoriities had a sketch of him, according to Stanford, they hid it.

Here it is:

Read the whole thing here.

These people should not be able to continue getting away with that murder. Oregon is such a dirty little place sometimes. Make that a lot of the time. Okay, maybe almost all the time.


  1. Truth is stranger than fiction and Phil’s articles are fascinating!

  2. To my eyes, he appears to be a professional hitman. Likely from the Chicago area.

    1. Could have been a con from the prison that they dressed up nice so he could get into the building without raising too many eyebrows.

    2. I doubt that someone associated with the “system” could had avoided being recognized for so long. Especially since the witness was able to get such a good look at them. Somebody would had rattled them out years ago if the sketch was made public.

  3. Is it a coincidence that this post immediately followed the post about (with the photo of) Mike Schmidt?

  4. Live in VA, and find this story riveting...and wondering why Keith Morrison isn’t on the case.


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