The patsy

The State of Oregon is apparently determined to put Frank Gable back in prison for the 1989 murder of Michael Francke – a murder that a federal judge has declared Gable probably didn't commit. Francke, a newly arrived prison superintendent, was probably killed because he was asking too many questions about official corruption. Nobody seriously believes otherwise.

His murder is one of the dirtiest moments in the history of our grimy little state. If everything was on the up and up, the state would just shrug its shoulders and let Gable go now. He did close to 30 years in the slammer. But they're determined. You can't help but wonder why. It's very dark.

Anyway, Francke's brother has been running a GoFundMe for Gable, who's trying to get his life back together, and yesterday the brother did a little refresher. The murder victim's brother! You couldn't write this as a novel; nobody would believe it. Salem is stranger than fiction, just about every day.


  1. The lone gunman (or in this case knifeman) theory is still the popular method to cover-up state murders. After nearly 50 years, the news media is still forbidden on stating the obvious about the JFK massacre.

  2. Our "grimey little state" aren't you from New Jersey?

    1. Yes, 46 years ago. In New Jersey, people know and admit it's dirty. Here, everyone pretends it isn't.

    2. I know. Just yanking your chain. Missed your blog after you left. Went through withdrawal for quite awhile.


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