Ellen doubles down on Francke murder story

There's always been a nasty smell around the Michael Francke murder. And you can still catch a strong whiff of it, even now, 30-some-odd years later. Francke, a newcomer state corrections director, said he had uncovered corruption in the prison system. But funny thing, he was stabbed to death in his office parking lot before he got to spill the beans. 

Then-Governor Neil Goldschmidt was in charge of the aftermath. There were many dirty secrets back then.

Anyway, the official story was that a guy named Frank Gable did it. Gable was convicted and locked up for decades, but a federal judge released him in 2019, on the ground that the conviction was bogus. Even Francke's brothers believe that Gable didn't do it.

You would think that the state would just let it go. Even if Gable killed Francke, he did a lot of time for it.

But no. The minions of state attorney general Ellen Rosenblum are now in a federal appeals court, insisting that Gable be put back in prison. The official story must be, now and forever, that Gable did it.

Man, that's a strong smell. 


  1. I grew up as best friends with older sister of Franke’s wife at the time. In the cui bono category, I always suspected Franke’s wife’s involvement based only on my knowledge of her as a child.

  2. The inmate that killed this prison guard in 72 was the inmate they used to assassinate franke. Ask yourself: how does someone who murdered a police officer get released? They let him out after 25 years, right after the franke killling. I have confirmed with two separate prisoners that he was led out the cell block that night. You could see the capital dome from the prison. He had always told everyone he killed Greer in 72 at the behest of other guards. He attacked his girlfriend with a hammer a year after being released, sent back to prison and basically immediately died of something. I have his name written down in an old file but it’s almost impossible to find online. But he killed Greer and he killed franke, all at the behest of prison staff.

  3. Prison guard Greer: https://www.odmp.org/officer/5358-correctional-lieutenant-robert-c-geer


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