BREAKING: Sun rose in east

Well, you knew this was coming. Willamette Weed & Mushroom has endorsed their darling, Oregon's Hillary, the Mighty Kohoutek, for governor. They will do so again in November.

They also endorsed Jo Ann With the Bullhorn for City Council, which you could also see coming. Next they'll be talking about her for mayor. And of course, they want one of the usual bobbleheads for county chair instead of Meieran or Mayfield.

I will do the opposite of their recommendations in all three races. As should you.

Anyway, the games start in earnest today. I'm sure the government employee machine types will have their ballots in by lunch time. Let's hope enough other people get around to theirs by the 17th.


  1. She was a Goldwater Republican before she married that other scumbag who became President. If she had been a man she would have been President before the jerkoff she chose to hitch up with.

  2. If she wasn't married to Bill, you may never have heard of her. But when she ran, his history – their history, she was all in on his act – killed her. Too many people had had enough of both of them and the sleaze they brought with them from Little Rock. The Dems should be happy that Obama came along before she snagged the nomination in '08. She would have lost to McCain and Palin then, too. But eventually "it was her turn," and that's why we got Orange Caligula. She was the only candidate Donnie could have defeated in the general election. She and Wasserman ran a terrible campaign. Oh well. Water under the bridge.

  3. I agree that we were stuck with the monster because she was the candidate, I was hoping Bernie Sanders would have been able to run instead of Hillary. I just believe that other than that she was female she was a smart and gifted politician if not a particularly a good human being (and when has that ever counted in American politics). Apparently it was more important for the Dems to get a woman elected and didn't take Trump seriously. I am pretty cynical but I had a little more faith in the American people to be able to see Trump for what (not who) he was. I was wrong in 1980 about Reagan as well. I have at best 15-20 years left so I'm trying not to get to engaged in the state of the world. I've never been so grateful to be old.

    1. What I was trying to say but deleted, yes but unlike Trump, Reagan was genuinelly respected by the same people who made fun of him. My mother was the biggest bleeding heart Democrat/Liberal as you could ever find. I remember her making fun of Reagan all of the time. Funny thing was though, when he was on TV doing an address to the nation for whatever reason, she showed nothing but reverence to the man. I remember looking over at her and thinking “Aha! do really respect him after all.”

    2. ^He was a lousy mostly senile actor by '88, who cares?
      Maybe we shouldn't really care that much about culture war BS or what actors or spectacle celebrities spew at us & realize cultural products are downstream of material conditions?
      They guy could deliver a line (he is an actor/that is 'the job', right?) & puritanical virtual signal scolding (even if somewhat true) 'put on a sweater & high interest rates forever' wasn't exactly an appealing/winning message to american hogs & slobs? (LOL)

      So in the words of uh...Mort Sahl:
      'If anybody comes up to you and says, My kid is a conservative - why is that? you say, Remember in the 60′s when we told you if you kept using drugs your kids would be mutants?'

      Living inside Trump's senile dying brain that's raging against the dying of the light while also monetized & beamed at us by the corporate media hasn't been good for anyone, probably? *shrug*

      Materially, don't even know if in the corporatocracy & its brain-bug how much it matters who the face card is in terms of policy, though? A *little*?
      Incumbent advantage & 2 term presidents/face cards may be (mostly) a thing of the past?
      Things are getting worse, participation is dropping, accordingly, it's just more of the same/manipulating who people blame in the visually over-stimulating media?

      Except US senators who have good/ok reputations in their states for bringing the $ in in the grubby little 'securing the bag' exercises for their individual states materially, but are some of the most evil people in a given state (in govt. as a visible rep anyway?) & still seem to hang around in many states for 20-40 years?
      Even though everyone seems to hate congress as an entity?
      (depending how the question is asked / how meaningful you think polls even are anymore?)

      It's like no one really likes this crappy constitutional system we have, but it's stuck/can't change or adapt in worsening conditions, but it's familiar/people think they can game some piece of it that they interact with... or something???


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