Throwing shade

I'm not good at predictions, but I'm willing to bet a sawbuck that Willamette Week will be endorsing Tina Kotek for governor. Twice.

First they politically assassinated Nick Kristof (who deserved it, if you ask me), and now they're throwing punches at nearly everybody else not named Kotek. Okay, they're going light on Tobias Read, but they're probably just hoping no one will notice him.

Yesterday they sent one of their two main hit-people, Rachel Monahan, out to put all the Republicans on the spot about our former president, Orange Caligula. The headine screamed:

But funny thing, they also included Betsy Johnson in the mix. Johnson is a Democrat who is running against Kohoutek as an independent. It appears to me that Johnson will give Terrible Tina quite a run for the public employees' unions' money. So the Weed got "Republicans," "Trump," and "Betsy Johnson" all sloshing around on the same page. Mission accomplished, at least for one day.

It seems like the Weekly is inflicting the proverbial 1,000 cuts on her. You could feel it when they sent Monahan and her colleague, Nigel Jaquiss, the Jack Ruby of Portland poilitical journalism, out to "interview" Johnson a while back. They could barely contain their contempt. 

Today they let readers dump on her for a while. Steve Novick's not impressed. Neither is Sarah Iannarone. Ha! Ha! The voters have spoken loud and clear about those two. If they're a no, I'm a yes. A big yes.

The Weed folks tend to show their hand early. They did when they endorsed Sam Adams, they did when they endorsed Charlie Hales, and they're doing it now with Kohoutek. She's their candidate. Yuck.


  1. Spot on, Jack. I've learned to run the opposite direction from WW's political endorsements and recommendations.Their track record is nothing to be envious of and in fact, it stinks.

  2. *liked* the Jack-Booby reference for/of character-assassination heh

  3. whaddyagonna do? Sit it out?

    It's consultants, insiders & lizardy/robot & pure careerist succubus types like CIA-mayo-Pete & Kamala or Sam Adams little succubus / remora as part of the barnicles on the Vera Katz / Goldschmidt machine/ship/twat canoe that nobody likes top-bottom now on the ticket, everyone else excluded with the machine/vulcan death grip/captive audience in the Dem. stronghold/deathstar cities/metro areas in much of the de-industrialized, regional dirty industry baron & urban-rural divided USA internalizing the mentality of the boss/captive to the military industrial 'forever war' frontier conquest-nation with the real estate scam & rickety collection of ponzi schemes/shoddy products & house of cards built atop that?

    Do you expect different?
    Who's on the Dem. bench that the powers that be / those with the inside track want that wants the job themselves?


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