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The Weed wonders aloud this week: Why, oh why don't people adore T. Kohoutek the way we do?

I dealt with her once. And based on that experience, I wouldn't vote for her for dog catcher. We can, and must, do better.

But on and on the Weed gushes. Their resident Jack Ruby goes full-on Mister Rogers with this Pulitzer-worthy material:

In 2005, she and her now-wife, Aimee Wilson, bought a modest, 1,089-square-foot home in Kenton where they still live. A lapsed Catholic, she now attends an Episcopal church and for years was part of a Capitol prayer group along with former House Minority Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) and others.

The district she represented, HD 44, a working-class area that includes Kenton and St. Johns, contains fewer Republicans than all but two of the state’s 60 House districts.

Kotek loves her dogs, Rudy and Teddy, and will sip the occasional bourbon (Portland’s Freeland is her favorite). She loves watching superhero movies in a darkened theater with a small group of friends, all of whom often wear T-shirts promoting the films they watch (Kotek particularly likes Thor: Ragnarok and kept a Captain America shield in the speaker’s office).

Dear Lord. They can polish it all they want, but you still don't want to step in it. 


  1. She will probably do well as most folks in town buy into the "Checkbox" principle. Don't worry about being smart, pragmatic, fair, and honest. No it's all about virtue signaling.

    a) Female
    b) Lesbian
    c) White - oops
    d) Free stuff advocate
    e) Hip - not really but..
    f) Hates the right people

    1. None of that would be helpful or virtuous if she were not a left wing, progressive Democrat.

  2. If you're happy with where we are why not vote for those who brought us here.

  3. Best quote from the article, and one of the best Oregon quotes ever: "We are a high-tax state with low services....Shit’s not working.” [Former state Rep. Jules Bailey (D-Portland)].

  4. But does she love kittens and The Sound Of Music? If yes, then she has my vote.

    They are trying to humanize her, but in the end it makes her out to be about 12 years old. Superhero movies? Shields? We are truly screwed.

  5. For better or worse, Betsy will whomp her.


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