Three's company

A second challenger to Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has emerged. His name is Rene Gonzalez, and he's a lawyer and consultant. I don't know much about him, but since the Weed seems to want to brush him off as a right-wing kook, he's probably worth noticing.

Here's how Gonzalez is described on the web site of United PDX, a youth soccer organization of which he is president:

Rene is managing partner of Eastbank, a legal and consulting firm.  He previously serve in strategy and legal roles at KinderCare after starting his legal career at Stoel Rives.

He is in his 2nd term as president of the club and has served the game for 25 years, as a coach, referee, and board member.  Rene also serves on the board of the Portland Library Foundation and has previously been a board member of Portland’s Children Museum.

Rene played collegiately at Willamette, is an alum of Willamette School of Law, cum laude, and has a Marketing Certificate from Cornell’s Johnson School of Business. He has twin 2006 girls playing at United.

He joins a field that includes another lawyer, Vadim Mozyrsky. The more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned. Our experiment with Jo Ann With-the-Bullhorn, like our fling with Chloe Not-Novick, has run its course. 

The primary election is on May 17. Dan Ryan will also be up for re-election.


  1. I followed him on Twitter for the past year because he had, IMO, some reasonable local takes. After I saw your post I went to check his recent Twitter activity and it looks like he scrubbed his account. His posts weren't incendiary and the only thing "radical" (by today's PDX standards anyway) is that he was advocating for getting kids back in the classroom and he wants more police, but his advocacy was not of the don't-tell-me-to-get-a-vaccine-you-are-a-libtard nut job variety. I really don't know enough to advocate for the guy and he could be a crazy empty suit for all I know, but he appeared like an adult online and pushed back in a non-hyperbolic way against the performative BS that dominates city politics.


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