Jo Ann With-the-Bullhorn draws a challenger

It's a lawyer named Vadim Mozyrsky. Willy Week has its wary profile of the guy here. Nigel the Assassin is on the keyboard, holding back his dagger for now.

“Youth are dying on our streets on a daily basis,” Mozyrsky says. “Instead of a practical solution, we get more park rangers.”


I don't know if I will vote for Mozyrsky – he's a Sam Adams supporter, for one thing – but I do know I won't vote for Hardesty. Putting strident ideologues with no management skills on the City Council was a fascinating experiment, but it has failed, and now it's time to do something very different. Maybe this guy can get some good done. Maybe.


  1. Hardesty needs a worthy challenger. This guy's community credentials suggest that he is no dummy, and perhaps has multiple connections that could be useful in a genuine campaign.

    1. We'll see. The Sam Adams connection has me VERY skeptical.

    2. Shes...uh...definitely a grandstander.
      What else she can practically contribute...we're...unsure.

      But Lawyer, hasn't lived here long, non-profit sector, close to SA...2 strikes / 2 fouls depending how you count?
      Not sure that's even worse is the sad thing...

    3. From the most nationally annoying state too; Texas, the state we never should have taken in the first place!
      Ultimate free lunch for sunbelt reactionaries in the dirty south since the 1970s/financialization and deindustrialization murdered the pre-car walkably laid out american city & steel belt.

      Yasha Levine might even say 'weaponized immigrant' too...that zoot suit & pose too...

      It smells bad, but if no one else steps up, and politics is so rotten/such a small slice of what seems possible anymore, besides be a go-between for finance and developer weasels/contractors, you're likely to attract perverts, lizards & jokers/clowns or some combo thereof anymore? What can do you? Why the surprise?

  2. Tom Waits only on the bullhorn... Jo Ann waiving the bloody shirt grandstanding on the regular tho...


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