More right-wing garbage from Stanford

Just when you could feel relieved that that colossal jerk from Stanford, Scott Atlas, was out of the limelight with his quack Covid blatherings, and his hallmate David Hanson had quieted down from making the historical case for vote suppression, along comes this outrageous story about Stanford Law School and the fine upstanding men and women of the Federalist Society.

According to the story, a student is being denied his diploma because he sent this piece of satire around:

Funny, and so, so on point. But too much so for the Stanford suits. Throw that boy in the cooler! The Federalist Society kids are mad.

The other day I got a thoughtful reminder from my alma mater's development office that I've been a little late making good on my modest donation pledge. 

I'm afraid they'll be waiting quite a while longer before they see another dime from me. I can't support what they're doing any more. In fact, at this point I feel like asking for a refund of what I've already sent them.

UPDATE, the next day: Funny thing, the investigation is suddenly over, and the satirist will be allowed to graduate. That's swell, but honestly, what's the deal, Stanford?


  1. This is very funny, and very unlike what I would expect from Stanford that they would deny a diploma?? Thanks for sharing.

  2. As a native Californian who grew up with Stanford not far up the road, they’ve always been just a trifle off. I grew up wanting to go to Stanford until I learned they had a Jewish quota system back in the mid 60s. My attitude has been that Stanford, while a good school, is so in the throes of nutzo politics (see Hoover Institute, Scott Atlas, Condoleeza Rice, etc) that the unexpected has become the norm there.👎🏼


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