Donnie's quack

One of the newer Batman villains in the Trump bunker is Scott Atlas, whose role it is to be the doctor who agrees with the fool-in-chief on matters relating to the coronavirus. 

I often look at the Trump personnel on my screen, and I ask, "Where do they find these people?" In Atlas's case, it was Stanford University.

Atlas is a talking head from the Hoover Institution, Stanford's tighty-righty think tank. Where the wonderful Condi Rice landed after all her foreign policy successes under George W. Bush. That place has always been a bit of an embarrassment to some of us, but this time around the real doctors in the medical school are deeply mortified.

More than 100 Stanford affiliates in areas such as epidemiology, infectious disease, immunology and health policy condemned the “falsehoods and misrepresentations of science recently fostered by Dr. Scott Atlas” in the letter. The authors cited the Hippocratic Oath and their “moral and ethical responsibility” to speak out.

What a place in history – to be the guy who was wheeled into place after Orange Caligula trashed Anthony Fauci. It's amazing how many people there are like Atlas. Amazing and deeply depressing.


  1. I love it when doctors cite their "moral and ethical responsibility" to speak out. We sure could have used some of that from 1999 to 2018 when the opioid epidemic killed 450,000 people. But the AMA and Big Pharma were making huge profits off theses sales so I guess it was okay. Now, that number did include street drugs but what would often happen is Little Jimmy would hurt himself playing high school football and then his doctor would write him a script for a painkiller know some of the names...ocycodone, hydrocodone, percodin, oxycontin, fenatryl, dilaudid...and many others...Little Jimmy would ask for more and get one more script from Dr. Feel Good but then he'd get cut off. Unfortunately you can get hooked on some prescription pills in a couple of weeks. So now he needs them - he has to have them - only to find the street prices for these are extremely high. Next thing you know Little Jimmy is buying heroin on the street. That's how a typical American teenager can end up on the slab before the age of 20. And it was all part of the prescription opioid epidemic.
    So the doctors in the AMA can pontificate all they want about their moral and ethical responsibility to speak out. We sure could have used some of that when it counted.


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